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  • 48 hours

    in Sivas

    First Day

    Having breakfast in one of the authentic restaurants offering the local flavors of Sivas will be a very good choice. Then, you can start your first-day tour by visiting the Historic City Square and the Archeology Museum in the city, which provides many alternatives. You may want to photograph the stunning architecture of the Government House while walking through the town square.

    From here, you can continue to the Double Minaret Madrasa, Buruciye, and Şifahiye Madrasa, and then you can move on to Ulu Mosque and Meydan Mosque.

    While wandering the streets, you can enter a restaurant with local delicacies and feast yourself with Sivas's famous vegetable kebab. In the continuation of the tour, you can explore Behrampaşa Inn, which was built in 1576, Subaşı Inn, which was built in the 16th century and where artisans sell dry food in the present day, and Taşhan, which was built in the 19th century and has shops and cafes. You can have a coffee in Taşhan and then you can head to Sivas Castle Houses where you can find old Sivas houses, entertainment venues, accommodation, and shopping areas in one place. You should not end the day without seeing Gök Madrasa and Abdi Ağa Mansion, which you can easily access near the castle. If you are still not exhausted, you can go to Çermik Hot Springs from here, which is about 35 km away, and rest yourself in the healing waters before dinner.

    Second Day

    On the second day of your trip, you can get up a little early and have a quick breakfast with the warm Sivas Flaky Pastry, which you can buy from the local bakeries, and set off for Divriği, which is 2 hours away. You can start your visit with Divriği Ulu Mosque and Darüşşifa (Hospital), which is the most important cultural asset of Divriği and which has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1985 due to preserving its existence since the 13th century. Then, you can proceed with Divriği Castle on the rocky terrain along the slope overlooking Çaltı Stream and the Divriği Kale Mosque located on the edge of the cliff inside the castle and finally officially registered Divriği Mansions with their unique architecture. Here, you can take a break for lunch and discover local delicacies. Watching the steppe landscape of Central Anatolia while returning to Sivas city center after your meal will give you peace of mind. When you arrive at the center, you can visit the Kangal Shepherd Dogs, a very special dog breed, at the Kangal Dog Breeding, Training, and Protection Center and take a souvenir photo. Before dinner, you can go to the Hillside Houses, see the Hobbit Houses, and take a photo if you wish, and then spend a few peaceful hours in nature.